October Sunday Round up

October Sunday Round up

Welcome to October! I have put on the Halloween theme for this week…and it will change week to week through October because I am so undecided as to which one I like best. Just so you know, this is a fun time on the blog, and I am willing to let some of the features onboard go lacking for a month. So, if you don’t see widgets, and contact forms, sign up forms, etc. it’s all in the fun-ness of October.

Now, on to the news.

I have not been lounging around, you guys. I am currently busily assessing the survey results so far. I am a little disappointed in the response. COME ON PEOPLE. If you don’t input your thoughts and so forth, I will just have to go on my gut. And if you know me, you know that is likely NOT a good thing.

To those of you who HAVE participated, thank you. Your input is noted.

I have also created a great little video to introduce my site, and that will be coming soon-first on the blog-then on the start page-and ultimately will reside permanently on the about me page. I noticed a lot of bloggers did it and well, I can never resist a challenge. Well, except the jump-off-the-roof-into-the-snowbank challenge. I did opt NOT to do that one.

I have gotten a little writing done this weekend, (mostly editing) and am very glad for the opportunity to just relax indoors. This strange cold, drizzly weather has been pretty good for sitting inside and working on inside things. Like my blog, website, videos etc.

This week on the blog I will have Episode 37 of the podcast (with video) for my interview with the King Twins. Margaret and Kat come back on to talk about the three new books they have turned out, their rapping careers, and hopes for the future. Be sure to check it out on Tuesday on Writer Groupie at all the usual locations.

I will also be doing a blog post this week about procrastination, and how it is not something we want to languish over, but instead, give tips on how to beat that old lay-a-bed attitude. Other items up for the site … a post about Twitter retweet groups, things NOT to do on Twitter, and more Twitter interesting factoids.

So, that’s about it for my first October Sunday round up everyone, I hope you have a lovely and prosperous week ahead. Oh, and GO VIKINGS!!!

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