Number 400

As I pondered something cool to blog about I happened to see the number of posts that I have made. This one is number 400. Wow. 400 posts and I haven’t even done much yet. This is going to be a great motivator for the new year. I really want to do 400 posts in 2015 and I want every one of them to be vitally important to SOMEONE.

fbhk / Pixabay

I would love to know what others are interested in seeing on someone’s blog. I mean, I am a writer. I do WRITE.

I have free stories, articles, podcasts, etc. on this site. But, it’s getting hard to come up with new material some days. I don’t think I can post anything else about how social media is your best friend. It really isn’t. In fact, I love Facebook, or rather I used to. I used to spend HOURS there reading what others had to share. Now I laugh at them and go play games.

Twitter is a good place to go to but it takes a lot more effort to get through the dross and find the gold.

So what can I say?

I don’t want to post about how my diet is now roughly one-fourth of what it was this time last year.

No more talking about what gets me jazzed up to write. There are a lot of things.

But WHAT do I need to say? I am pondering this for my 400th post. The 400th post is a pondering. Go figger.

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