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I am posting a quick fly by because I am out of town visiting family and celebrating my hubby’s birthday. I actually did a video for you guys encouraging you to sign up for the newsletter. It was only about a minute and a half long, and was pretty funny in my opinion. The problem was, when I uploaded it to the site, you couldn’t open the video. You had to download it. Sigh. Well, I want more subscribers to the newsletter but I don’t want you to have to jump through hoops to get that message so I scrapped it and decided to just post.

The Green Bay/Seattle game is on so this must be fast.

GO SIGN UP FOR THE NEWSLETTER!!!! Important news is breaking even this moment in Kim Smith, author world so if you want to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of my writing world, the newsletter is going to be the best way.

Now. I return you to the game. I mean I return to my game. Happy Sunday!


Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.