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Newsletter News
(because I forgot to do a Writer Groupie podcast this week!) (okay so sue me, it is nearly Thanksgiving and I am a busy wife and mother as well as writer!)

I am posting twice today to remind all my viewers/fans/followers that if you still haven’t signed up for my newsletter, then you may be missing out on great information and news. I post information about my books, ie. new releases, coming soon stuff, and you know you do not want to miss out!

Check out the sign up link on the sidebar of this site. IF you do not see it on this page sidebar>>> then go to the landing page at Kim Smith author

I promise I am not going to send it out more than once a couple of months and I am not a spammer. I hate spam myself so you know I am not going to be like that. Although there are some braves souls out there who LOVE spam mail.

Like this:

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Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.

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