New release info for Disk of Death

New release info for Disk of Death


It’s alive! It’s alive! Ahem. I couldn’t resist starting this blog post like the old movie Young Frankenstein.(you can click the image to go to Amazon and get it-if you have never seen it-highly recommend-totally funny)

(- be aware this is an affiliate link and if you buy it, I will get a small amount for showing it to you)

Anyway, now that I have gotten totally off-topic, I wanted to say, my latest release, Disk of Death is live. It’s alive. Get it? Okay, so it’s Thursday and maybe you feel like it is the second Monday you’ve had.

I am excited about this release though!

I cannot believe that this book, a part of my life since the early 2000s, is finally out again, and is finally making strides. The preorder period showed it in the top 25 of one of its category, and the first few days of going live, it went into the top 10! I am so excited!

So, thank you to all my fans. It makes me so happy to see it out there doing well.

(again. click the image to go to the site)

The paperback version is coming soon. I have had a fun time of getting the line spacing right. This weekend I am creating a new version of the cover to fit the new line spacing. Soon, my dears, soon.

Hey, if you wouldn’t mind-would you go out and give it a review? You can do that on Amazon, or you can go out and add it to your books on Goodreads. Then add your review there also. Thanks in advance!

I am fast at work formatting book two. Y’all better get to reading…don’t want to get left behind. I will have to speed up to keep up with you voracious readers. Ha. That’s okay, I love it.

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