New year, new plan

New year, new plan

Hey there! I hope this finds you doing super well. Has 2021 been good to you so far? Oh, it has for me. I have been following my new writing plan and am only about 1000 words from typing the end on a family saga/ sweet romance. It is the first in a series I have planned and I am just so excited about it.

What has the new year brought you? I hope it is something good.

Have you set out your goals yet? I have! Thought I would give you the list now. You can check back to see if I have been keeping them!

I am doing this in quarters this time. I find 90 days is plenty long enough to make goals and keep them. Planning a whole year usually fails for one reason or another. Last year it was health-related. Nothing that could be done about it, but if I had done a ninety-day goal-I may have succeeded in something attempted.

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New Year Goals for 2021

  • Finish first book in series *almost there!*
  • Edit first book in series
  • Draft second book in series
  • Edits for fantasy book *coming from my editor this week!*
  • Upload a video or podcast every week at least once – more often if possible
  • Update blogs once a week – I have two and one is associated with which is my podcast/YouTube channel site

And believe me, that is enough for 90 days. Check back on Friday, March 5, to see how I am doing. I need some accountability! And if you are into YouTube and watching videos, and you want to see me talk about writing and the writing life, tune into my YouTube channel and consider subscribing. I am still seeking 100 subscribers!

Until next time, y’all stay safe out there and wear a mask!

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Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.

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  1. Wow I’m amazed you can get all of that done in 90 days, that’s awesome! You must stay very busy! I’ve made plenty of goals relating to my blog, getting a certification, and recovering from my surgery. Happy new year!

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