New series for you

New series for you

Today I found an old site, Dragon Writing Prompts. It hasn’t been updated in about a year or so, but there are some really good things on that site to jar the muse. It made me have an idea for a new blog series for you.

One of those muse-tweakers (my term for them) was “What do you do when your writer won’t write?”

This set me off on a great idea for a blog series for you, dear readers. How about we cover those items that readers ask of writers. Like, WHY haven’t you come out with BOOK X?

What do you do when your writer won’t write

I am a reader too, and when I cannot get the next INSERT WHAT I AM MISSING HERE – I ask this question. So what do you do?

Well, for one, you could ask the writer. Ask them what is coming next, ask them where the next book, blog post, novella, short story, poem, etc. will be posted, or published. Asking is free. You might not like the answer but you will likely get one.

Aside from asking, you could also try some of their other work. Most modern authors have a lot to offer. If you are just not a genre hopper, you may not feel this is doable for you, but if you are just a reader and don’t care, then try something from their backlist.

Then there is the problem of an author/writer who just isn’t writing. We all go through down times. Slow periods and not writing at all periods have been the bane of my existence so I really know this one.

Sometimes you just cannot do anything about it. Sometimes you, as a reader, just have to go out and find someone else to read. This is a very sad situation for a writer/author. WE love our FANS! But we do understand. Sometimes when the words won’t flow, we wouldn’t want you to sit around waiting on us.

If you are looking for a good read of mine while you wait on my next book, either in the Shannon Wallace series, or a new YA fantasy (YAY!) check out my book page and see what else I have to offer.

series for you
my caper mystery series book one

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