New books

I am such a sucker for books. In the last few days I have added several to my Kindle. They were all free, and so maybe that’s why I couldn’t say no. For maybe the first time in a long while, the covers DID play a part in my decision.

Recently, I added Faelorehn by Jenna Johnson, Blood of Requiem by Daniel Arenson, Hollowland by Amanda Hocking, and just this morning, Cornerstone by Kelly Walker.

I am sitting here staring at the stack of to be reads in paper right by my computer.

It’s going to be a long booky winter, y’all.

Enjoy this video about Halloween. I giggled. Maybe you will too.

About master

Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.

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