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Everyone is talking about the “new” realm of books called New Adult.

Newsflash! New Adult is not new. There were books being published back in the 2009/10 years that were called New Adult.

I keep hearing that readers of this sort of book only want steamy sex with a little bit of story thrown in.

Newsflash! ALL books have steamy sex in them now and they mostly have it woven in with the story. New Adult books are more about life and how it slams into the character without letting up. How they face it, deal with it, and overcome it.

Is that any different from ANY other book — aside from the age of the character?

Here is the latest article I could find about NA and it is already old news truthfully,
New Adult Genre HOT

I just want people to know that I wrote a mystery series back in the middle 2000s and my characters were recent college grads trying to start a business to keep from starving. The zany hi-jinx they get into have been around for a long time, and most people would say it was New Adult.

Check out the first book here :
Avenging Angel

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