My top five list of hated things

My top five list of hated things

So, another sort of ranting day. I am not usually this grumpy, but sometimes things need to be said…so, here goes. In this modern day of internet everything…I did something pretty old school. I actually tuned in to a real radio station and listened to what the commenters had to say. It was pretty fun AND informative. They discussed an article about things those over 30 shouldn’t wear.

It was hysterical to me and I went out and looked up the whole list. It is not a new article, but it was full of things that got a ton of comments.

I started thinking. What are some things that I do not like? I think as a mature woman, I can give you a list. Seems like others have done this, so why not? You, as my blog reader, should know what I do not like. I promise that someday soon I will follow up with a list of things that are high on my LOVE list. It’s only fair, right?

things i hate
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1. Articles with click-bait headings like the one I read. I mean, who DOESN’T want to know what is considered fashion? But once I did the click, I was highly disappointed in the article. It wasn’t as much about informing ‘over thirties’ about what they should or shouldn’t wear as much as it was the writer’s opinion of what constitutes good fashion. Opinions are fine, but don’t headline it like that.

2. Fiction titles that give NO idea about what the book is about. I mean come on, help us out here. The image is not very telling either. A cover with a couples’ legs next to each other and a title of Frantic. Huh? (btw, I just made that up…if there really is one…my apologies, but I am sure you know what I mean)

3. Cold french fries. I recently ordered a plate with meat, salad, and sweet potato fries. Some of them were almost still frozen. I was totally grossed out. Come on people. Do it right or end up on a list like this one. Ugh!

4. Songs with lyrics that are so garbled or sung so low that the listener can’t hear it or understand it. I am not going to go to Youtube to get the lyric version of your song just to “get” it. I hope you know that music lovers are not your audience because they think your lyrics have hidden meanings. You might end up on a “misunderstood” lyrics list.

5. Liars. Okay, this maybe shouldn’t be on this list because it is a sort of personal thing, but hey, you get a bonus today for free. I cannot stand someone who lies. I think liars are manipulators of the worst sort. I get that you want people to like you. I get that you think it makes you look better if you tell a tall tale to turn heads. Just do not get all upset when I unfriend, unfollow, and unfan you.

‘Nuff said.

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