Mr. McGregor’s Garden 2014

Another day of boredom, and the chance to do a mash-up of ideas. Here is what I came up with for the idea of shapeshifters and heist/caper story.

mikeyp2000 / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The wererabbits sat around looking at each other knowing that they only had to focus long enough to make the change and they could be hopping down the bunny trail to the old man’s garden.

“We’ve done it before,” Flossy said, breaking the silence.
“Don’t make me remind you how that turned out,” Mopey answered, tapping his carrot stick against the bowl of dip.
“She’s right.” Cottontop stood looking down at the other two on the couch. “All we need is Paulie.”
“Paulie ain’t going to have anything good to say about this deal.” Flossy examined her nails and tried to look coy.
Cottontop wasn’t buying it. “Look, it’s quicker to change and go on down to the garden. I can call Paulie and give him a head’s up. If he wants to come…well, he knows the way.”

No one objected. They all wanted to go. It was obvious. Cottontop pulled out his cell and punched in the number. After a pause, he left a quick message.
“Yeah, P-man, we’re gonna hit the trail. McGregor’s got a new batch of spring veggies calling our names. You can join us if you wanna. Later.”

Flossy sat back. “Guess that’s that.”

In a few minutes, they had removed their clothes, and important items such as cell phones, pocket knives, and keys, and piled them on the coffee table. When they changed into their were-selves, they didn’t have any need for that stuff.

In a few moments, three bunnies were seen leaving the apartment complex by the grassy path that led across the complex and down to a farmer’s plot. The fence was broken down in a few places and they managed to squeeze their bodies through the gaps easily.

In no time at all they were feasting on spring flowers, and newly sprouted greens, carrot tops, and other delicious fare. They were sniffling and grinning at one another, content in the heist.

But it was only a matter of time before the farmer, Joshua McGregor came out to work in the garden. They would have gotten away from him before he found out if not for Paulie.

The rotund white rabbit was too easily seen amongst all the greenery. His red eyes darted around taking in the food. He was diving into the middle of it when he was grabbed behind the head and shaken by the farmer.

“I knew you’d be back, so I did.” He put the bunny’s face close to his own. “And I told you the last time, I’d make a fine rabbit stew out of you. And so I will.”

As his heavy work boots tromped the grass, careless of what might be under them, he stepped on Mopey’s hind leg and the flurry of activity that resulted caught his attention.

Once again, Paulie had brought disaster down onto the heads of the other three.

“Paulie,” Cottontop squealed.”You’ve done it again! Now we’re all going to be soaked in a stew!”

McGregor’s mouth fell open at the sight of the other rabbits. He didn’t let go of Paulie though, because it was easy to see that he already had the plumpest of them all. “Never fear, little rabbits, I’ll be back for you,” he told them with a gleam in his eyes.

But before he could take off for his house, the rabbit in his hand became terribly heavy and he looked down at what he held. Terror filled him at the sight of the fat young man he held by the hair.

“Ahhheee!!!” he screamed as he dropped the were-rabbit and backed away in terror.
Paulie wasted no time in running away from Mr. McGregor.

The last thing the old man saw was the naked backside of a fat man until he changed into a white rabbit’s fluffy tail.

It is said Mr. McGregor took to his bed that day, and never got out of it alive, as he was plagued with fever and delirium that took his life a week later.

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