Monday, Monday

Monday, Monday

Here we are…another fine Monday we’ve gotten ourselves into. I know what you are thinking. You are thinking oh, come on, it ain’t all that bad. Well, I am here to tell you, it ain’t bad at all. No, really.

I didn’t use to feel that way. See here five ways to beat the Monday blahs

But now? Now I am okay with a Monday. Well, sometimes.

In my world, Monday is a very good day because I usually take it easy. Do some social media work, promote some stuff, post a blog, read a bit, clean the house, and do a little baking. Today I am tackling that Orange Cake if it kills me.

I was really having a good day in edits/revisions yesterday on Scarf. It amazes me how when I really sit down and focus, I can move the page count and get some really good scenes fixed and made even better. That was yesterday.

I have decided to work alternatively on writing one book while editing another. This is nothing new. A lot of writers work on more than one book. I want to get a new Shannon Wallace out for my mystery readers this year. And as I have already mentioned in past posts, the fantasy I am currently editing is going out into the wide world on submission this year also.

I spoke to my hubby the other day about how my writing style has changed over the years. I used to be able to turn a book out in 3-4 months. Then I spent another 1-3 editing and then send to an editor for a final polish or edit if needed. Now? Ha. I didn’t finish Scarf until Nanowrimo (November) last year, and I have spent the better part of this year editing/revising. Since it is almost May, you can see what I mean.

I also said to him that I think it is because I am a better writer. You cannot just whip out a book every month or so and not have serious editing issues later on. At least I can’t. Some writers don’t care. They just write it, edit it to the best of their ability, and put it up for sale.

That is not for me. I want my books to be WELL-written and even better edited. You have to take your reader into consideration. And you won’t get too many readers if your reviews are all about the poor story/plot or the terrible editing job.

Ah, these are my thoughts only…your mileage may vary.

So, I hope you all are having a great Monday, and staying at home, and washing hands, and all that good stuff. As I told my kid the other day, find a little joy in every day. At least ONE GOOD THING will happen to you today. Enjoy it. GET JOY out of it.

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