Mistakes when trying to go it alone

Mistakes when trying to go it alone

Mistakes happen but I ain’t smiling…

When I first start working on something, I get so ramped up about it that I fly through every stage. It’s hard to make myself slow down and take issue with things that might be going off in a direction that I don’t intend to go. Just one of the mistakes we make when we are trying to go it alone.


This even goes into my work-a-day job. I almost don’t want to ask anyone for help because I am a little bit of a control freak. But when I am flying through a task-list, I could really make a major boo-boo and asking for a second set of eyes would be a great help.

This is not a smart way to be.

HOW MISTAKES HAPPEN (by doing everything YOURSELF)

When I started writing books, I had help with editing, and cover art through my publisher. When I started indie publishing – not so much. I realize now that doing it all is not always a good thing.  Heck, even working on this blog probably needs a helper. I keep it updated, keep posts going, answer comments, and keep the look of it on a level ground. Thank goodness, WordPress.org has made it so simple!

Still, I have spent a ton of time lately, writing blog posts and not as much writing books. And as they say, time is money. I have had people offer do post for me, but honestly, I don’t know them from Adam. My blog is my baby. I would not feel right letting a stranger baby-sit her. But maybe this is just a mistake on my part…one in a whole line of mistakes likely.

But having said that…I am going to ask you guys a question. No wait. Let’s do a poll. I just added a poll widget and am dying to try it out. If you, don’t have enough room to answer, just leave a comment.

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  1. I don’t do anything on-line..that I would need help..like you do..but, I can see what youa re saying…flying thru projects, and making mistakes..I sometimes do that..I learned, over a long period of years…how I was making those types of mistakes..and now…when I see myself getting a little ahead of my brain..I stop..and wait..patiently…til I find the book, the thing, or the person, that can help me along a bit….
    I envy you your blogs..you have a place to release….and that is important.

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