Meditation, yoga, and writing

Meditation, yoga, and writing

Today, I am sitting here feeling alive as I enjoy good health and the satisfaction from exercising. I am also exercising my mind by meditating.  

Meditation is the one thing that we can all do to improve our breathing, and mental status. I have been doing it for about a week and – it is the best thing I have ever done.

Today I once again tried to do a little yoga. It sort of hurts me because I am so inflexible. Youth has a lot of benefits, and being flexible ranks tall. Nevertheless, I did do some cat/cow poses, downward dog, and cobra. My back is thanking me.

Anyway, this post isn’t about why I’m putting myself through this, or even about how awesome it is that it is easy to do (well, it will be the more I do it!). I will, however, keep you updated on my progress every thirty days. I am definitely NOT going to have before and after pics because most of the change will come from within, not without.

I’m doing this partly to keep myself accountable for staying focused and mastering yoga during each workout, and partly to motivate any of you who may be looking to make similar changes in your life as well. Yoga is for all ages. It just might take us old-timers a little longer. Meditation is TOTALLY for everyone and I highly recommend it.

Exercise of all kinds (but especially yoga) help to make extreme changes in your body and in your life, and many of the philosophies can relate to being a writer, or an authorpreneur. So let’s talk about that.

Success Takes Time

I settled on yoga because it seemed like the most realistic fitness method for me, being a lifetime regime. That’s a whole lifetime, which is a lot of time to invest and well, I don’t have a whole life left.

Time to get busy.

It takes time to get fit. It takes time to succeed.

As a writer/authorpreneur, the same concepts apply. You won’t get rich quick, and anything that claims to help you do that is a scam. True writing careers require hard work and time. 

Unfortunately, many creatives give up because they’re not seeing activity on their social media accounts, new fans, followers, or sales right away – just like we give up on our workout programs because we don’t see immediate results.

Recording your numbers is critical

When training our bodies,  it’s recommended to write down and record what we do in exercise, and diet.

I’ve only been training for 5 days, and already I’ve written down a lot of numbers. My weight once a week, my exercises done and how I felt, whether I was on the treadmill, and for how long. And I am writing a lot about my diet. It’s really bad and I need to stop eating bad food.

It seems like an unnecessary additional thing to do but it is critical because you can see what you are doing right and what you need to work on and best of all, when you are successful that makes you feel GREAT!

In the writing world, it’s important to keep track of your stats and numbers for the very same reasons. When you see those sales numbers increase, you are going to be dancing all day long. 

In order to become successful in life, you must commit. You must commit not only to what you do and what your plan is, but you must also commit to yourself. That means be confident in your own knowledge, and committed to where you want to go.

If you will do this, nothing will stop you.




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