What makes a writer’s heart soar?

What makes a writer’s heart soar?

An acceptance!

And I have received one for a short story going into an anthology. More news coming on this soon, but know that I have a happy heart right now.

Also, what makes me writer’s heart sing–I got to go to Karen White’s booksigning tonight at The Booksellers of Laurelwood. Karen is always on my TBR list ’cause I am reading ALL her books from first to current. Yeah, I bought the latest, and kidded her about making me jump ahead. LOL. It’s all good.

Here we are making merriment:

writers heart
Karen White, booksigning June 17, 2014

I have emailed her publicist to get her on Writer Groupie too. Stayed tuned! Or if you just cannot contain your excitement over all this good news, listen to our last interview waaay back in 2009 on Introducing WRITERS! by clicking this link RIGHT HERE. She was promoting The Lost Hours at the time. Another fantastic book, I must say.

So, I know this is a lot of goodness to have to absorb all at once, but I also have been talking to another publicist for author J. E. Fishman. I am working a deal for him to be my guest on the NEW Writer Groupie Podcast here on KSA.

So hold onto your hats, ladies and gents. It’s going to be a fun summer!

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