If you make it good, they will come

If you make it good, they will come

Good books are NOT hard to find.


Everyone knows that there is a lot of noise in the book marketing industry these days. There is a lot of noise in EVERY industry these days, but of course, I am a book person, so this is my thrust for this post.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”vrOE1″ via=”no” ]Used to be, a book came out and all you had to do was get it on the shelf, virtual or otherwise, and it would be found. [/ctt] It would sell. Today, you have to pre-sell the stew out of it, get it out, and scream scream scream about it until your potential purchaser takes notice. If they ever do.

In the era of big five publishing and their being the only game in town. you didn’t have to work so hard to get it noticed as the publisher would help you. Now for the most part, WE ARE the publisher and … it ain’t so easy. Good books do exist, but everyone thinks that.

Today, readers have millions of options—literally. Sheesh. That’s a lot of screaming going on. Imagine if you followed every one of those people on social media? Would you ever get to the end of it? Not likely.

And the reality is: most publishers, indie especially, do not do the things to help them stand out and have to scream less.

What are those?

The normal things, really. Make it an outstanding read, cover it with an astonishing cover, and of course, talk about it and hopefully get noticed. Most small published authors are a little mousy. They don’t like to market.

Nobody wants to be THAT person, right?

But as in the olden days, or golden days, books are still hot commodities. Word of mouth still carries a lot of weight.

If you are a reader, you tell others when you hit upon a book that appeals to you, don’t you? Well, that’s important. We writers continue to rely on that sort of advertising.

If you want to shout about my book to someone, please do so. I need the added voice out there. And thanks. THANKS so much for being my readers.


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