Love Inn

Here’s what’s up: Today I published Love Inn to Amazon for Kindle.

So when will you be able to buy it? Not certain. Somewhere between 12-24 hours. From this point out, I have no control when it publishes. It’s all up to them. But when it is ready, you will be able to pre-order right away because it actually comes out on February 7.

And tada! Here’s the cover!!!

love inn
a romantic short story by Kim Smith

As for paperback of Love Inn, I’m working on getting that formatted correctly, and making a new cover for it. I’d like to have the paperback for sale by the 14th too, but if life keeps staying as busy as it has, that ain’t gonna happen.

I love this story. I really do. And most of the people who have read it have loved it, so I have high hopes for it. It’s only about 60 pages of short story, but it’s romance. Who doesn’t love romance?

So, I’m ending this with a teaser. Here’s a couple lines from Love Inn:

He cut a dashing figure as he stood, one hand on the rail, denim jeans hugging tapered hips and no shirt. Her heart skipped a beat.

A perfect specimen for her new hero.

About master

Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.

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