Losses and leaky faucets

Losses and leaky faucets


This is one of those days when I need some reminders that all is not lost, things will turn around, and I will feel more myself soon. I am facing a huge loss, serious story-development, a leaking faucet, and a dirty house. It’s the small stuff that really gets to me sometimes. In case you are having one of these days too, here is a little reminder for us.



When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. —Henry Ford


Here is what I ended up telling myself after some coffee and meditation.

The loss is greatest when it’s someone you love, but this loss is not forever, only a temporary condition.  The story is your baby and you have to chastise it about its poor posture and terrible weight problem for its own good. A leaking faucet should be an adventure in learning via Youtube. And a dirty house is one hour from being righted when armed with the right tools.

[Tweet “There is nothing I cannot accomplish as long as I remember failure is not an option.”]

In case you have a leaky faucet, here is the video I watched – before learning it wasn’t the faucet but instead the sprayer- 


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