Looking for Mrs. Good Planner

Looking for Mrs. Good Planner

Are you a planner lover? I am! I didn’t even realize it until I started watching videos of people’s “plan-with-me” stuff. Now I am surfing the web looking for the perfect planner. It’s about as hard as finding the perfect mate.

I did a video on journals and planners over on YouTube recently, and here is the link:

And the blog post about that video is found here if you would rather read :


Now, these are some of my requirements for my planner needs:

*A5 size binder in PURPLE! My fav color (this is a common size so not biggie there)

*Big enough to handle monthly or weekly or daily pages, and maybe all three!

*Customizable with dividers, etc.

*Purple, but will consider teal or seafoam color

My desire to have a certain color or certain setup may be asking for too much, but I really want it to be something that I will use all the time. You should see my graveyard of those that just didn’t quite make it! The nicer and easier to use a planner is, the more you will want to carry it around and use it.

Here are a few sites I have found that may be contenders:

Erin Condren – but I consider this to be the high end of my choices. They are pretty pricey, and well, I am a starving artist over here.

Amazon – this one looks promising even if it is pink

I like this binder! – it is the right color! Can I find pages to fit my needs?

Second choice for binder– it is the seafoam color

Here is an Erin Condren AT AMAZON! nice price!

Okay, I could keep looking ad nauseum but I need to make a decision. I cannot wait much longer either – we are almost into FEBRUARY!

I hope if you are looking for a planner as I am, you will find some of these interesting. If you have any suggestions, please let me know below in the comments.

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