Looking for a good book cover

Looking for a good book cover

The weekend flew by for me– did it do that for you, too? Wow. I am finding that the more I work toward a book release the faster the days go by. I spent all of yesterday putting together a mockup of a cover for the caper mystery. It looked pretty darn sweet, but in the end, I didn’t keep it.

Why not?

It wasn’t perfect.

I know that sounds a little huh-worthy, but let me explain. If you listen to any of the big podcasts, The Creative Penn, The Sell More Books Show etc. you will hear it said often — the book cover is the face of the book and it needs to be fantastic.

Just as editing is critical to your work, book cover design is the second most important thing you can do to make a splash in the book world. People really do judge a book by its cover (and the blurb also!). And so with this first book in the caper mystery series, I need for it to be outstanding.

I will get it there. I will. I mean, I can do it up right or I can hire a designer. There will be a great cover for this book or else. I want my reading public to be really wowed because after the great editing Sarah has done, well, nothing less would be fair. This book, this series is WORTHY.

Since it is a caper mystery, not a cozy, but just as light and fun, a fun cover is in order. My good friend, Kristi Rose, and I spent most of Saturday brainstorming cover ideas. Her vision was a great one and I went with some suggestions she made. I intend to use vector and illustrated images on it rather than the woman in jeopardy that some use. It isn’t a thriller, and it has only a smidge of suspense, so nothing dark and threatening.

If you go out to Amazon and check out cozy mystery covers you will see what I mean. In my research, I found the cozy series by JD Winters and loved those covers as well as the ones by Traci Andrighetti.

So, the work goes on. I will hopefully have a cover reveal soon! I am SO excited about having a new book coming out.

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