Looking into a book

So, yes, I am reading. I am sort of still suffering with this sinus/chest thing that has plagued me since November. (You’d think I’d be used to it by now.:/ — but I stayed home yesterday to rest and try to feel human. So, I read a little.

Let me say, some books are so well-written that you don’t even think about the fact that you are reading. You become the character. You see what they see, and so on.

Unfortunately, some books are not that well-written.

I read Hollowlands by Amanda Hocking and really liked it(see my list of books on this site that were read in 2013 and have been read this year so far) — so I got My Blood Approves- I mean, I figured okay, so she’s a great author, right? And it was 99 cents for Kindle so it was almost like non-investment in funds,so … why not?

Was it worth the cash?

Um. Not so much on this one. I am going to finish it but it just isn’t (in my mind) as polished as the other one. For 99 cents, it’s just okay.

Will I read more of her books? Oh, yeah. Sure. I mean, she got a deal from a bigtime publishing company, didn’t she? Has to be doing something right!

I was going to post her book trailer but it was made private on YT. HRUMPH. Here is the link to the “dreamcast” trailer if you want to see a bunch of pics of who they would cast as the actors for the movie. (three+ minutes of boring if you ask me)

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