Lifestyle Rebooting: Week One

A lot of you liked my blog post about rebooting your life. I guess I oughta ‘fess up. I really AM rebooting my life.

Here’s my definition of life reboot in case you missed it : changing, reorganizing, decluttering your life to make room for new experiences, new life.

Now, some folks seem to think that a life reboot can be accomplished with a week of vacation, a trip away from all the mind-numbing redundancy of our lives. If that would work for me, I would GLADLY do it. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to do such a thing and I don’t need distance to figure out what is wrong in my life. 

I need to do a lot more than that.

Lifestyle Rebooting and why I am doing it

Most people reboot their life because of something that happens to force them to do so. That is definitely the case in my life. If you haven’t followed my Gofundme account check that out here and you will better see the issues of my life.

So–on to my rebooting. I started cleaning out my big two-story house to make it show-to-sell ready. I haven’t begun having the sales, but they are coming. Goodwill is going to be in love with me before this is over, as well, I feel sure.

I started with a bookcase and then moved to my desk. EEK.


All of my books, all of my whatnots had to be gone through and decision made about each item.

I found OLD things. Things from my childhood. Things I hadn’t thought of in YEARS. Like this little mouse bookmark made in Sunday School –I thought I had made it, but looking at it closer now believe it was made by one of my kids. Nevertheless, it has a new home on my production calendar.


I found a bunch, and I do mean, A BUNCH of these. Went through all of them. Saved old stories and story ideas off them. Was lucky to find a USB floppy drive to be able to do this!


Ready to be sold, or donated. Probably donated. Who wants old how to write books?


The garage sale bucket is already beginning to fill up.


And…voila! There it is. The finished product. It only took me a week!


Here is what awaits me this week. Then the cleaning and polishing and staging and I am done with ONE room.

Oh, and this is already listed on FB groups for sale. If you know anyone in the Memphis area…


So, that’s it for my Week One: Lifestyle Reboot post. I think it is going to be a weekly thing. Let you guys see how I am faring. Transparency is king they say.

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Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.

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