Lifestyle Reboot: Week Two

Lifestyle Reboot: Week Two

LifeStyle Reboot Week Two

Creating a lifestyle reboot is a lot like exercise. You spend long hours working to change things and it takes a LONG time before you see the results.

Last week I talked about my lifestyle reboot and how I was going to do it. Then I posted a sort of Lifestyle Reboot Week One post. This one will get you all updated on what has transpired since then and how things are going.

I did manage to finish cleaning out that one room. Remember it had all the boxes and stuff?

The garage sale stuff is all sitting in the living room waiting to be hauled outside tomorrow.

My neighbor and his daughter came over and helped us get the exerciser machine down the stairs and outside. Along with the Ab-Lounger. I know I know. I had good intentions. It just never seemed to call to me loud enough to make me go upstairs to work out.

At any rate, between the exercise equipment, and old desk, books, photo frames, and Christmas stuff, I should make about $100 dollars. That is enough to buy my groceries this week. Might be enough for groceries and gas. I will have to pinch the pennies hard at the grocery store.

I will give you a weekend roundup including how much money I made later on. And maybe I will add in the stuff I am using to clean that room with…I had to buy carpet cleaner to clean the carpet and that was just so I could get it clean enough to rent or borrow a steam cleaner to get it cleaner. Yeah. It’s pretty bad. Maybe I will do a before and after sort of thing. You need to fill me in on stuff you use to clean old natty carpet. My sister recommended OXI-clean…but I was afraid as old and yellowed as the carpet is, that might clean spots up so well it would look funny. A white splotch here and a white splotch there, in and among the old yellow hue of the carpet. So I decided to wait and see what some Woolite would do, and then the steam cleaner. I may end up using the Oxi-clean after I do all this.

I may just be fooling myself into thinking this stupid carpet can even BE cleaned…

Stay tuned…Kim’s Lifestyle reboot and carpet cleaning go toe to toe…

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Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.

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  1. I wish you well with the yard sale! You might be surprised in what you earn.
    Rug cleaning may work…sometimes, the rug is just too old, the nap too worn, to clean really well..anything is better than nothing…just don;t get it too wet..will take a long time to dry well. You are right about the spots tho..if you clean them well..they may not match the rest of the carpet- better to clean it a a whole, and be satisfied with that.
    Seems everyone has some exercise stuff…we were given some, so long ago!! Something about it tho..just did not appeal….eventually it was sold at a yard sale!!!!
    If you really want to get rid of some small odd stuff- we did a FREE box… rid of lots of odd things that way..not really having a value other than they took up space!!
    This has not been a week for me… re-boot….is waiting to boot!!!

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