Life style reboot and wallpaper destruction

Life style reboot and wallpaper destruction

LIFESTYLE REBOOT — defined– “CHANGE” – and not just any old change either. It’s a big thing. It’s a life altering thing. It is the one thing that no one WANTS TO EVER DO. It’s the result of cataclysmic situations that you cannot control and have to make a change because of them.

How do I know this is the time for a reboot?

  1. A doctor is making you do it or you will die.
  2. You will go homeless and hungry if you don’t.

Yes, it is that drastic. And (insert maniacal laughter) I am on this path at the moment. I keep thinking I will wake up to find things are going to get better. I keep thinking … “Well, change can be good.” But there are some things even in a reboot that you cannot control and that is why I feel so manic. 

So, what am I doing now?

Well, it doesn’t sound very interesting, but — I am ripping wallpaper off the walls. 

This is REAL LIFE.

This is a soul-sucking endeavor too, let me assure you. I have looked at this wallpaper for nigh on thirty years. Who would have ever thought that wallpaper would go out of vogue in my lifetime? If this wallpaper could talk, it would sound like Sadhguru. 

But let me tell you about it really quick. In the 1980s, when this house was new, the “in” thing was wallpaper with country style. And it always had a border on the top of it and sometimes on the bottom of it and sometimes on the sides of it…yes, it did, and it coordinated with the wall design. 

Here it is in all of its ugliness:


And well, because it is now not so cool to have all this glorious wall covering- I am getting rid of it. Making the old dame look as modern as possible. Controlling what I can control. Doing what I can do. And … well, it feels weird. I have asked my dead mother a half-dozen times what she thought about all this. She hasn’t answered yet.

[Tweet “I never liked wallpaper, her dead mother would say…”]

So the journey continues. Sometimes I just want someone to put their arm over my shoulder, a cold beer in my hand, and say, “Here’s some chocolate, and six million dollars.”



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