Life Reboot: What is that?

The question of the day is this: what exactly is a life reboot?

A few days ago, I decided I needed one. I didn’t know what it was exactly, but it sounded like taking your life from the dreary point it has reached and turning it off and back on. Life reboot. But obviously, I wanted to know more…

Life rebooting is not listed on any of the info forums I check for details on that sort of thing, so I had to go deeper. The best description I found was “a journey to a simpler more fulfilling life“. Bam! Worked for me.


It’s also known as a lifestyle transformation. Like that one too! 

But what it is … is…a way to create a new lifestyle so that you can live the way you really want to. That is something that EVERYONE longs for. I know I do.

I uncovered quite a few podcasts who talk on the subject of living a better life via having no location-dependent houses, or jobs, etc. Oh boy. I wanted to know more immediately!

I am not going into a lot of linkage here about the podcasts, books, websites, etc. but suffice it to say that most of these folks are living a much happier existence since they did a life reboot.

Most people, myself included, do not think about life down the road a ways. We do not see the dark clouds that can gather on the horizon and rush up to pour rain down on our parade. But we should. Maybe if we did, we wouldn’t HAVE to have a lifestyle reboot.

Maybe if someone is earning a bajillion dollars a year they think they have reached the ultimate lifestyle, but if they are spending every moment of every day to keep that going, then they are missing out on the REAL LIFE. 

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Lifestyle reboot as a turnaround point

Everyone has different ideas about what they want in their lifestyle. Everyone has to consider what it is they want out of their life. But if you can earn a living without ever doing anything more strenuous than opening your email to get it, well…it would be better than a life reboot, in my opinion. Extra money gives you more freedom and flexibility to live the way you really WANT to live. So for me, it is too late. I have to make a lifestyle reboot, because circumstances dictate it. It’s going to be my turnaround point.

But for you…I hope you are paying attention…

Do you actually enjoy working in an office sludging through 8-10 hours away from the ones you love and stuck with people who really do not get you?   You should consider earning some residual money. It would allow you to just work part-time while earning the same amount of money (maybe even more) or quit that 8-5 altogether.

Do you like to travel? Wouldn’t you like to take months away to special places each year? You can! All it takes is money from a static salary. And you are not limited to one source of this income either. You can make products, create websites, and become an affiliate member and bring in a good living without ever leaving your hotel room to do it. In this way, you are creating a lifestyle that will never fail you.

It’s NOT get- rich-quick, and it is a very difficult road to pave- but if you are really into it, and have the drive and steady hand to see it through, you will be able to create a lifestyle reboot using some methods I will talk about on here in days to come. 

I have to do this because I am now a sole breadwinner and there is a shortage of yeast. 

Why do YOU want to have a life reboot?



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  1. Interesting thoughts… husband and I are of a certain age now..that we do think about down the road a ways…..When we first married, it was all about finding THE house that had THE yard and close to his work…then came a kid, and it was all about KID for about 25 years!!!!!
    When child left home..we did’nt need a big house anymore..for his friends and over nights and such..I was TIRED of house work..! And he was tired of constant house maintenance..
    What we both wanted, was what we had hoped for…30 years prior!! A few acres to play in and a small house! And we are here…and intend to die here…..if we can!!!
    Moving, caused us to down size a LOT of things….and we basically are back to where we were before…..not having a lot of anything much- just enough…..we don’t need to entertain tons of school teams and kids and parties and all..the house here is simple enough….
    We wanted to spend as much time outside as we could…and being here…gives us that…and then some!!!
    We are real close to being able to do some traveling if we want….we never thought much about that….maybe a weekend trip here and there..
    So yeah…we “transformed” HUGE….our kid was sort of shocked when he saw where we moved and how much smaller the living space was….sort of funny…
    I think..we all try, to keep ourselves, “where we are and want to be”…in the early years…..but so many things happen, that changes all that……once those parts of Life pass us by….it is be bale to finally get where we the beginning,….and THAT is exciting….

    1. We are looking down the road into the not so far future and hoping our move will be like yours, downsized but enjoyable!

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