Latest in Netflix trends and other stuff

Latest in Netflix trends and other stuff

What’s the latest trending movie on Netflix? Well, I am so glad you asked!

It happens to be Don’t Look Up. I have not seen this, I admit. But that doesn’t mean I won’t see it. I just have to wait until I get my Netflix account back up and running. I discontinued service as a knee-jerk reaction to the prices going up. Now I see the error of my ways and likely will get it back. But not until after I finished writing my book. Yes! The FIFTH Mt. Moriah book is underway!

But first…other stuff…

Are you reading the books in the MM series in order? You don’t have to. They can be read completely stand alone, or in order, as you wish. They have been such a fun thing to write, let me tell you! I hope they are as entertaining to read.

A bit more other stuff…about these books-they are SWEET ROMANCES. Some folks thought otherwise back when I first released them with some ahem, sexy covers, but no! They are not that.

other stuff
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Haven’t put up the preorder for The Little Theater yet, but that is coming soon! I suspect the book will drop in March. I had high hopes for February, but it was tentative at best. My editor got Covid, an old friend of mine passed away, and to be honest, this book wasn’t at the top of my to-do list. BUT NO MORE!!!

More other stuff…

I am going great guns at the YouTube channel, having picked up a great lot of subscribers and views over the last month. That has been more of a focus for me lately, but it is a part of my writer life, so it is applicable.

I hope you have at least seen some of them, especially the short ones. Here’s the link for you if you need it. YouTube for Writer Groupie

Also, I left Facebook this year. In January, I stepped back from it, and to be honest, it was the best thing I have ever done. I save myself countless hours of scrolling through nonsense so that I can focus on more important things like writing!

Hope you are ready for March! If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, go to the link and do that now. March will be a month with some FREE STUFF in the newsletter!!

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