I KNOW Business, it’s true.

I KNOW Business, it’s true.

This is a sort of did you know post.

Did you know, I am the owner of a small business? I am, and it feels great. Well, most of the year anyway. It is sort of seasonal. I operate VideoVision Entertainment, and it is nice to say that it’s been around since 1992. My business shoots video, edits videos, and provides memories that last a lifetime. But having a business can be hard when you are not a full-time employee.

When we got started way back when camcorders were the size of a small bus, I imagined it as my retirement plan. Have a nice set of offices and have a few employees that would do the heavy work. It was a nice dream. I thought I’d travel the world videotaping people and examining all of the events my company would book. Well, my company is not a household name, and I don’t have an office outside of my home. I don’t even have people under me. It’s just me and my company, VideoVision.

How things have changed
And as time has marched on, I have widened the scope of the business. Originally a wedding service sort of company, now we shoot a lot more. A lot of plays, dance recitals, corporate videos, etc. and this year, I am widening it again. I am opening it up to offer online services. If you need banners, buttons, videos for Facebook ads, book trailers, or any of that, please do contact me at the VideoVision Entertainment pages. I hope to keep this business going even through these lean times, and indeed, it may be the only thing that keeps my head above water this summer. I know it has done it before.

Things I know

You have likely heard of counting your blessings…well, yeah. That’s what I am doing here. Very grateful for my business, and glad it has survived the ups and downs of the economy and so forth. I know I stay busy in the summers, and that is a good thing. But something else I know is that writing books is a business, too. There are many successful authors running businesses in today’s heavy online market. I am building one of those, albeit a little slower than I want to.

I also have an author-services business listed on this site at this LINK – let me know how I can serve you! In today’s world, you have to diversify and offer other things as an author aside from just your books.

Oh! And don’t forget about Writer Groupie Podcast. I am still chatting with great authors and book industry pros about their work, and in fact, have one tonight with a woman who is a professional interviewer.

I do keep busy, don’t I?

About master

Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.

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  1. I did not know this! Interesting!! No WONDER you are so savvy in your posts about certain things!! I am impressed!!!

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