Kindle Countdown – Yew to a Kill

Kindle Countdown – Yew to a Kill

Last month, I had a Kindle Countdown promo for Disk of Death, the first book in the Shannon Wallace series. Did you get it? It is the lead in to the series, and so fast and funny, you are missing out if you don’t get it!

That particular promo did way better than I thought it would – and I actually will receive a royalty this month. Woo hoo! Thank you to my new readers, fans and followers. If you haven’t subscribed to the Zanies, do that. I am going to be shooting out a summer newsletter soon!

So, this month, I am offering the second book Yew to a Kill, on a Kindle Countdown deal, also. You will need to check FACEBOOK for the particulars. Not a Facebook follower? Look at the bottom of this post and join us!

The novelette, Love Inn, will be going on Kindle Countdown first, however, so if you want a short romance to read, then plan on getting over and scooping up that one. Right as of this minute, it is being reworked as it had to have a price change. If you cannot get to it on Amazon, wait until tomorrow and try again.

Here are some easy links for you to get to all the books going on special. Just click on the images

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And because I am working hard to make money over here (I STILL do not have a job yet!) – please take advantage of these sales going on – I am an affiliate with these companies and will get a little jingle from anything you buy. Thank you in advance!

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