What Kind of Writer ARE YOU?

Somewhere in the mass cosmos that is the Internet I read that there are two types of writers: putter-inners or taker-outers (sorry to the person who said this, I cannot remember where I read it).

juliejordanscott / Foter / CC BY

So a putter-inner, aka PI– writes pretty narrowly, leaving out all the extra fluffy batter that makes the pancake rise high… and they come back later and “put in” all that good stuff. Then, the taker-outer, aka TO–writes heavy-handed, putting in everything and the kitchen sink … only to return on a future draft and “take out” what isn’t needed.

I think I am a PI. I have always said I have trouble putting in details that round out the story via setting and description. But I am also a little bit of a TO because I do eliminate unnecessary stuff. Like, is it really necessary that the main character taps her nails, twirls her hair, and places her hands on her hips? I THINK NOT!


Anyway, if you are like me, you find this sort of categorizing of writing styles pretty darn interesting. And now, I wanna know…what kind of writer ARE YOU?

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