And just like that…

I have already failed Nanowrimo. I just sank under the pressure and couldn’t write a word. I have two critiques to work on, promo for Ten Tips going on, post Halloween blues, and writing group meeting tonight. I work full-time, I exercise at the gym twice or thrice a week… blah blah blah. None of that sounds very impressive, but it is. It is in my life.

I don’t have the leisure of sitting down every night to write unimpeded. It’s really bothering me. So, another Nano bites the dust. I just read recently an author who is turning out about 9 books a year. WHAT????? How on earth does one DO that??? If I could write that much that freely, I might have no problem with writing under pressure (is Nano really that much pressure??) — I think my main problem is I have to make sure every tee is crossed and every eye dotted. I am such a perfectionist.

I edit as I go as well as in follow up drafts. It is just too difficult to write bad and keep writing. It bothers me when I know my writing isn’t good. I cannot let that stuff go. It’s gotta be corrected and perfected and THEN I can go forth.

This is why I am not a Nano-er. I can’t write garbage. I just can’t. And just like that…I have solved my dilemma. Either learn to write crap, or forget doing Nano.

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