It’s time to reflect on and plan for our goals

Goal-setting. Are you STILL doing this?

Well, I am. And to be honest, I may be hitting it even harder this new year than I have in prior years. One reason? I do not have a job. I have nothing to lean on in the excuse department.


Another thing? I have a lot of stuff I am really excited about coming in 2021. (If you are one of my newsletter subscribers, you already know this because I share all my news with you all FIRST).

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So, in order to get everything accomplished that I need to do in 2021, I have to write a lot down in a calendar, and I have to get re-focused on the items that I deem are important. Like producing some books!

My number one goal for 2021 is to build my newsletter list and to get more subscribers for the YouTube channel. If you haven’t seen what’s going on over there, check it out here:

and check back for my podcast over on the Writer Groupie site on the 28th for year end stuff.

Please DO look around on the site and visit the interviews I have done, which are many.

My YouTube channel needs 100 subscribers in order to get its own name. Meaning, it will be instead of /gobbledegook. Getting subbers has been a major difficulty for me because people don’t really look for interviews on YT. They look for fun and informative videos on a specific niche. I didn’t know that when I started the channel way back when, so that is why I have not really gone anywhere. But in 2021, I intend to find a niche and get into it. If you have any good ideas, please leave a comment down below.

I enjoy doing the videos and podcasts so much. I am paying for three or four domains now, and it would be a shame to have to let them all go, but if I don’t get more activity, it is all just a waste of time. It takes a lot of time to record, and upload videos, and then the accompanying blog post WHEW.


Anyway, I will have more to say about 2021 in forthcoming posts. Until then, happy holidays~!

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Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.

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