Introducing the LIST : a once a week listing for writers

Introducing the LIST : a once a week listing for writers

The list – and not the mailing list either- is a great idea for any blog.


Now that Halloween is over and everyone is pointing their noses toward the big eating day, Thanksgiving, I am starting a new feature here on the blog. I decided some time ago that one of the features that I love most about podcasts and blogs that I visit is how the hosts and hostesses are so free with the information that they share.

We all love news and tips from  the industry, right?

Only recently, one of my favs stopped curating the sites, which had good info, and sadly, I was left to do this searching on my own. Too much time spent surfing, not enough getting info I needed.

Then, I realized that all of my fans and followers would LOVE to have such a wonderful list once a week, so, why shouldn’t I just DO it for THEM?

So here ya go: my once a week curated list of informative news and tools you can use as a writer/blogger/content creator/ etc.



Storyfix : On Writer’s Block

Social Times : Twitter to Discontinue Vine

Jane Friedman’s blog

Janice Hardy’s Fiction University

Writers Write : Nanowrimo Calendar for 2016

Global Copywriting : Content marketing works

The Write Practice : Writing the YA novel tips

The Fantasy Scroll : Outlining and tracking tool

Helping Writers Become Authors: Motivate your bad guy

Insecure Writers Support Group : Why Authors Should Write Book Reviews

Hopefully, I will be able to do this once a week – if I do, you guys HAVE to leave comments telling me about sites you visited so I can grow this list. I love comments and answer every one. I would like to make “the list” helpful to writers of all stages so be sure to add your link, also. I want to know what you find out there on the web.



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    1. Thanks Marcia! I will do it once a week – because I know how important it is to have resources available. Feel free to use the links!

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