Interview with Francis Powell, author of Flight of Destiny


Meet Francis Powell, fellow author and new friend!

Share about yourself

I was born in a “dormitory town” called Reading, not famous for much, apart from a huge Rock festival, and for the fact that Oscar Wilde was sent to prison there and wrote “The Ballad of Reading Gaol”. My family then moved to a farm in the country, in Sussex, not too far from London. I was sent aged eight, to a boarding school, so I would spend long periods away from my family.  Imagine having regular prison sentences, imposed upon you, as a child. At some of the schools I attended, there were psychotic teachers and cruel nasty children.  I used to count the days when I could be reunited with my family.  I became a recluse in the art room and painting was my salvation. I had a teacher who encouraged me to paint and introduced me to various artists, including Kandinsky. I went from austere harsh boarding schools to Art College, a very different environment.

Share about your work

I write short stories. They are dark and surreal stories, with a twist at the end. Somebody compared my style to Edgar Alan Poe. My most recently published book is called “Flight of Destiny”. It is full of oddballs, freaks, and outsiders, all passing through a cruel world.

Tell us about your writing style

I write very descriptive stories. I would not consider myself a “horror writer” despite the fact that a lot of horrific things happen in my stories. I would like to think there is a strong element of wit in my stories. My work is very “British” and I am very anti-establishment, often poking fun at the ruling classes.

What do you find challenging about the writing life?

Promoting my book is hard. I need to reach as many people as possible. I love writing as an activity, but there is lot to being a published author.

If you could write from any place on earth, where would you choose to write from?

I have never been to the island of Bali, but from what I have heard and seen it looks amazing. So maybe a remote part of Bali, surrounded by Balinese artifacts, with the gentle roar of the sea in the background.

When asked to set goals, what do you see( for yourself or current WIP) in five years with your writing?

Hopefully in five years’ time my second book will have been published and my third will be on the way.

What are you reading right now?

Not a lot of books to be honest, as I said I am very much involved with promoting my book.

Who is your favorite author?

Rupert Thomson, author of” Dreams of Leaving” as well as quite a number of other books. I met him when I was an art student.

Give a bit of advice for an aspiring author.

Keep  on going,  don’t fall away at the wayside.

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