Interview with Chad Martin, author, publisher


Interview with Chad Martin

chadmartin Chad Martin

Chad Martin is the co-owner of Laurel Rose Publishing and co-author of the Loralai Ledbetter series of books for children. Chad was my guest on a podcast (audio only) interview recently and here are a few of the things we discussed:

  • How he got started in writing and publishing
  • What Laurel Rose Publishing can do for authors in this DIY world
  • How helping authors trumps making money
  • What a potential author has to do to get published by Laurel Rose Publishing
  • What Laurel Rose Publishing does in editing and art
  • Author Rodeo Roundup, Merle Temple, and others who have been to this event
  • What to expect at Author Rodeo Roundup
  • The Loralai Ledbetter series and how it came to be a collaborative effort with Howard Boling
  • Dr. Seuss and how those books influenced Chad’s writing
  • Advice for aspiring authors
  • The future for Laurel Rose Publishing and what’s coming up for Chad Martin
  • *************************************

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