What Inspires You To Write?

This post about writing and what inspires you to write came out of what happened over the weekend and what I saw. Beware this post will be image-rich.

So…this past weekend, my kids and I went on a walk to burn off some Easter candy. Yes, those little tiny pieces are high in calories and carbs, and if you sit down after you eat them, fat deposits on your rear. Since my rear has been attacked by carbs a few too many times, we decided to fight against the sugar rear-end rush.

We walked quite a ways, and these are the images we saw along the way.
inspires you to write.jpg
writing inspiration.jpg
inspired to write.jpg

And when we got back to start, my daughter decided there was a place in town that we had to see. We piled into the car and drove a short way from her house and found this lovely old house that I bet you looks pretty darn spooky at night.
inspiration to write.jpg
inspires you to write.jpg

And on the grounds of this old lady were some pretty awesome flora.

All in all, it was a great day. We did have a healthy dinner after all that travel, and so it was all good in the end. I am sure having these images to inspire me to write will get a story rolling soon. I hope you enjoyed them.

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