Inspiration according to the dictionary is inspiring or animating action or influence.
2.something inspired, as an idea.
3.a result of inspired activity.
4.a thing or person that inspires.

DSC_0021webInspiration is like buried treasure

Some of my best inspiration has come from books and movies. I love classics, and read a lot of old books because when I find an author I like I go back to their first book and work all the way through their list of books.Brandon Sanderson is one of those at the moment, as is Robin Hobbs.

Movies etc. –I am such a Gossip Girl freak-and I just got word that the last season is now on Netflix. HOLLA! But I also love 30 Rock (the last season is now on Netflix too!), and Downton Abbey, and Game of Thrones. I discovered GOT on Youtube believe it or not! Almost the whole book is READ to you on YT and once I got through those, I was so hooked I HAD to buy the book. Then I started getting the series on Netflix, and well, the rest is history.

Speaking of history, that reminds me, I have to update my reading list.


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