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Welcome to KimSmithAuthordotcom…my blog, my work, my world…here’s the latest information about what I am doing – and what you will be seeing…


so…. the promo for a free Kindle copy of Disk of Death has ended…and wow- thanks so much to all who participated…it was a fun day. I will be posting up the stats soon. Just because those who are aspiring authors like to know. It’s always good information to have in case you want to try a giveaway. Let me tell you, THIS ONE WAS A WINNER!

BUT NOW!!!!!!!!!! YEW TO A KILL IS REDUCED TO 99 CENTS ON A KINDLE COUNTDOWN DEAL…starting today! YOU DEFINITELY WANT TO GET THE SECOND BOOK NOW! TOMORROW IT GOES TO 1.99 (which still isn’t a bad deal!) So, go here now to get it CHEAP!

As the banner image suggests, I will be at Imaginarium Con in Louisville in October. It’s a creative person’s dream con. There is literally something for everyone there. I will also have paperback copies of most all of my books for sale CHEAP in the dealer room so be sure to stop by.  I will be sharing a table again this year with Linda Rettstatt, another local author (who if you haven’t checked out her books, and you like women’s fiction,) you should look her up. More good information to have.

I also am hoping to book Writer Groupie Podcast for the rest of the year, so if you want to be on the show, you should send me a contact form SOON. Once I start booking authors at the con, there will be nothing left until next year.

I am finishing up the final touches for Shannon and Dwayne’s third caper, entitled Schooled in Murder,  and that will be out in a few weeks. I believe that I could get it out sooner, and had planned to,  but getting ready for the con is taking a lot of my time at the moment. And of course, this previous freebie day for book one took a lot of planning and work.

Don’t forget about IN THE SHADOWS – it is a great little short mystery that has a twisty ending and all the zany goings on with Shannon and Dwayne that you guys love. And of course, it is only a mere 99 cents. Information overload, yet?

I will also be gearing up for the end of the year stuff, like my usual end of the year post about what I did and how much money I made etc. You will want to check that out. Then I will of course be bringing you my goals for 2017 – GASP! Can you believe that the new year is only a few months out??? Yep, so if you haven’t made your goal list for 2017 – now is a good time to be considering that.

I am likely going to be doing a giveaway for the new book coming….and I will probably make my short YA romance that is coming in November, CHEAP-so if you haven’t signed up for the Zanies Newsletter, please do that over in the sidebar. My newsletter subbers get all the news first. (I apologize to them now for I didn’t know about the countdown deal on Yew to a Kill until after I had this blog post already created…so, sorry Zanies, I know it was last minute but at least you still get in on it!)


That’s it. I’m done.  


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Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.

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