Industry blogs, who’s got the best one?

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Industry blogs, who’s got the best one? Do you go out and check certain industry blogs to see what is the latest news about writing or the writing life? Maybe books and what’s coming soon? Sure! We all do this.

I thought I would share a link list of my favs…some of these are likely on your list too. Some of these are time wasters, but some are a lot of fun…

John Scalzi–you never know what he’ll be on about. There is also a cool “random click” on his sidebar where you will be taken to posts from as far back as his blog goes…here’s one from 2003 (CLICK)

Buzzfeed usually has at least one writing/writer story- and I usually tweet it out. Here is the latest I found– (CLICK)

Stumbleupon can be a major tool for a writer, or it can be a total time waster. It’s up to you. I found this useful tool while stumbling writing things. It’s called OneWord. Hope you like it. (CLICK)

And…I guess I would be very bad to forget this one : this one is my other blog with some of the best folks in the world.Murder by 4 is a great site if you are experienced or aspiring and has a lot of fun in between.

Shoot, there are a ton more, but that’s enough to get you going for now. I will be back with posts, images, and maybe some video of Mid South Con later this weekend!

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