Imaginarium 2015 wrap-up

Imaginarium 2015 wrap-up

I am baaaaack! Imaginarium 2015 was a total utter win. Linda Rettstatt and I had a blast. We sold books, signed books, chatted with other writers, took pictures, sat on panels–well, in other words took full advantage of the event.

imaginariumhotelIt was held in the Crowne Plaza at the Louisville Airport (not IN the airport but in the vicinity of it)

We arrived on Thursday evening so we could get all settled in and take a breath before plunging into the con. It is always a great idea to do this–in case you are taking notes. Have a nice dinner, wander the hotel where the con is being held, get a good nights sleep.

On Friday, the con vendor hall opemed early for the vendors and Linda and I got in there and began sitting up. We had a great spot and our tables looked stunning.
ourtableatimaginariumKim and Linda’s table at Imaginarium

Once we had it the way we wanted, we went up to our room, grabbed a bite to eat, and headed down for the beginning of the con. Our first panel was at 4 pm and it was about critique groups. It was short-lived. No one came but the panelists. That was okay because we got a chance to meet the others and chat about stuff. It was fun, even if it wasn’t a panel in the truest sense. We broke up early from that and went back to the vendor hall. We chatted with Kim Jacobs of Turquoise Morning Press (Linda is one of TMPs authors) and sat at our table until time for the next panel. (I am very excited to say that I was asked to submit to TMP after a chat with Kim!!!)

imaginariumpublisherTurquoise Morning Press

Meeting editors, publishers, etc. at cons is one of the main reasons to go. I am going to be working hard to finish my contemporary romance to send to Kim for possible publication. If you get a chance to go to a con, DO IT. And you should go to this one for sure. It was so much fun!!!

Eventually, we were given another table, because one was available and we were a little cramped up. Here I am with my stuff at my table alone.
kimsmithatimaginarium I think I need more books don’t you?

I did wander around and I bought a few things. I got Linda a pair of earrings for being the sweet lady she is and for driving us about ten hours all told. Poor thing. I know she was knackered when she got home! But I also bought myself a necklace that I will wear while I work on Loran Rudder and the Secret Key. NO, I haven’t forgotten about it. It will be rewritten and published in 2016, and this necklace will be my talisman for writing magic. It is hand-made by the cool owners of the company called Solstice. They are creating an Etsy store, and I am going to be a preferred customer. Their stuff is ASTONISHING.


And if you are wondering, I did NOT have time to do a live feed of Writer Groupie there, but I booked guests EVERY WEEK through November 10!!!! OMG. I am so excited, you guys. Be sure to check the WG page here on the site for a list of guests to come.

Going to Imaginarium 2015 revved up my desire to write, too, and I really needed that. Next year I hope to turn out tthree books and one short story at the mininum.

But most of all, Imaginarium made me realize how much I love doing live events, and I cannot wait until next year. I hope to see YOU there.
kimsmithMe 🙂

imaginarium2015 Imaginarium 2015

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