How you can help an indie author

How you can help an indie author

here’s a list

It recently came to my attention that a lot of readers don’t mind helping out their fav authors, but many don’t know how. Well, reviews obviously, but on Amazon especially, if you are a friend of the author’s, you cannot do that.

So what other options are available for readers to do to help out an indie author?

I made you a small list. You can certainly leave a comment with other ways as well, I don’t mind.

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Ways to help out an indie author so that they can succeed

  1. You can leave a review. This is always a fabulous way. Sometimes Amazon won’t let you if you are connected to the author some way on social media. I don’t know how Amazon determines this, but I know it exists. Algorithm maybe?
  2. Aside from that, especially on Amazon, you can leave what is known as a “rating”. This is giving the book a STAR rating. Please, do be generous because those things are how our books get lifted in the ranking.
  3. Another way to help out an indie author is to BUY MORE BOOKS. If you liked one, you may like more.
  4. Follow and fan the author on social media. You’d be surprised how often we check out stats. If we gain a follower, and then lose one, it upsets us to no end. Word of caution: don’t follow just to unfollow.
  5. Join the newsletter of your fav author. They love to send out emails to those who subscribe and give them all the NEWS first. At least, I do. And I try to send it out on time each month so my Zanies are always seeing something from me at least once a month.
  6. And finally, like stuff. Like their Twitter posts, like their videos, like their podcasts. Be a LIKER. Authors love fans who do that.

I hope this blog post has helped you and I would love it if you would do all of this for me. Ratings, and reviews, and more sales would be so lovely.

But. I’m not begging. No sir.

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