How will the Russia ie. Ukraine invasion affect books?

How will the Russia ie. Ukraine invasion affect books?

Russia. It’s what’s trending.

Good day, friends. I hope this finds you doing well. I am sitting here thinking how this Russian invasion is going to affect a lot of things pertaining to life in general and well, maybe books and the book industry specifically. There is a lot of talk going around about how the supply chain issues that the US is experiencing will get a lot worse. Gas prices, grocery prices, etc. As if that isn’t bad enough now, this invasion is likely going to cause things to tighten even more.

Personally, I hope not. I am tightening my budget belt so much already that my finances feel like they are going to implode.

What about Russia and books?

Truthfully, I don’t know how this will play out. I believe that writers are pretty dang resourceful and so that means we will see a WHOLE bunch more espionage and thriller books coming out with this common theme of spying on Russia, and how that particular country is characterized as a bad player.

But, I really got kind of sick of all that stuff back in the 80s. We’ll see how writers play it now, though. The new books coming may be really good. The events happening now in the headlines will for certain give them plenty of fodder.

How about me and writing this stuff?

Writing during Russia invasion
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If you are a thriller writer, you should definitely be paying attention. There will be a lot of information coming through that will spur ideas and generate a pace of research you might have been longing for.

For me, I am writing romance, and it is sweet, small-town, and not in anyway affected by the world’s news. And I have a new book dropping in March so be sure to look for my pre-order announcement/post coming very soon!

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