How to Write coming in JULY for blog readers

How to Write coming in JULY for blog readers

As many of you are already aware (sickenly so) I am a writer. I write things: stories, poems, novels, blog posts (whew boy) and well, articles etc. If you are reading this – this isn’t news to you.

But what you may not know is that every type of writing requires a unique skillset. Yes, it does.

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Just because you can write a killer poem does not mean you can pen a full-length novel. It requires a bit more finesse, some moxie, if you will.

And so, just what exactly does a writer of short fiction and/or poetry, articles or anything else really short, do when they get the notion to write something longer?

Well, I am so glad you asked.

First off, they(you) need to understand what makes a good book. What elements are in that thing that will keep a reader turning pages, and how to achieve it. I have been writing fiction professionally since 2008, and STILL learn something new all the time, so don’t think you already know. This stuff changes often.

But recently, when I asked my readers what I needed to do to help them out with their writing life, I heard a whole lot of “I need help with writing ___”. Help with plot, help with characters, help with setting/description etc.

So, here, on the old blog we are going to begin a series in July called “Writing a book: What I need to know”  — yes, I am going to teach how to write a book start to finish. I am going to actually WRITE a book and post everything on the blog. Yep. Everything you will need to know about what it is that I am doing, and how you, too, can do it.

WHEW. I think I have lost my mind.

Lost my everlovin


Well, if you think so too, be sure to follow this blog. Get that notice in your inbox that tells you when I have posted something new! You don’t want to miss out! AND PLEASE comment. This will be a question and answer sort of deal. I want and invite and beg for input.


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