How to Write: Call to Adventure for Women’s Fiction

How to Write: Call to Adventure for Women’s Fiction

Hello How to Write fans! How is it going? Are you getting a lot done? I have had a great week-so far as this blog book is concerned. Speaking of which, we MUST name it. I am a title freak. The title (and cover art if I can get it early on) helps define the story. We are going to have to have a name-the-book contest soon. Maybe along about chapter four or five, because we should be far enough into the story by then to have a feel for its conflict.

Until then, I am videotaping the “how to create a plot board” video later today, and hope to have that for you soon. I think it will be a huge help in keeping straight your characters, story lines, conflict, etc.

Let’s talk about our blog book aka women’s fiction today.

(for your research) some great WF authors are: Wendy Wax, Karen White, Katherine Center – just to name a few. (yes, they are my absolute favs).

When I did research on the term “women’s fiction” at Amazon, I found this breakdown-
Women’s Fiction
African American
Contemporary Women
Domestic Life
Mothers & Children
Single Women

So there are categories of WF – in case you didn’t know. And each one will have a bit of a different Call to Adventure, but … I digress..

So, since we are about to embark into chapter two, I figured I would expound a little on the past post about the Hero’s Journey. The place where we are in the blog book is in the “Call to Adventure”. And since this is women’s fiction, I thought I would go into a little detail about what a possible CTA for this book might be. If you are writing WF too, this may prove helpful.

What elements are included in a women’s fiction novel call to adventure?

Here is a short list:

  • Meet the character
  • Meet the problem
  • Meet the setting/real world
  • To go into more detail, the CTA lays out the story as it is, hints at a problem to consider, and makes the character’s role evident, which in women’s fiction is usually to change their life. Do you see a desire for such change yet in this blog book (title unknown!)? Keep reading, folks.

    GO here for CHAPTER TWO – see you about midweek with that plot board video!

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