How to stand out in the book market

How to stand out in the book market

Finally, I am back to some blogging in answer to your survey questions. Most people want to know marketing tips and tricks. Most people are trying to figure out how to stand out in this really oversaturated book industry. Well, today I hope to help in that regard. In fact this may be a bit of a series of posts depending on how well I manage my time.

First off, in order to stand out in this aspect, you have to plan to work and work your plan.

Here are a few tips on how to accomplish this:

Call it a business. It is. You are now published-your time is no longer your own. You have to work this lifestyle. IT IS A BUSINESS. Get used to hearing that.

  • Do something daily for your writing business. Create a production schedule. Plan on when you are going to have books published. Put it into writing and make it a habit to follow the schedule. If you were sitting in a corporate office somewhere you would be looking at a schedule of work to be accomplished and you wouldn’t question whether you could do it or not, or wanted to do it or not, etc. For your business, even more so. Treat it as such.
  • Market. Go out into the wide world web and tell someone somewhere about your book. Do this every day. EVERY DAY. Note: this does not mean to spam people. Just try to tell three places your book is available once a day. Do SOMETHING in the way of marketing EVERY DAY.
  • Write more books. Spend the bulk of your free time writing something new. Even if you only put in a page or two a day. This is critical because in reality, the best way to stand out in this crowded marketplace is a numbers game. Those with a lot of books will be found easier than those with one or two.
  • Okay, I did run out of time. I will be back later with another tidbit on how to stand out/market your work. >>>>>>>>> GO TO PART TWO HERE <<<<<<<<<<

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