How to stand out in the book market part six

How to stand out in the book market part six

Welcome to the last installment in my series, How to Stand Out in the Book Market. It’s funny, but I didn’t intend on writing a series of posts like this. I just ran out of time a few days in a row and had to do it over. The response was so positive, and the interest so obvious, I sort of capitalized on it.

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At any rate, I am glad you are getting something out of it. Standing out in the book market today is a major concern for most of us.

So today, for the final part, I would like to talk about the best way, the number one way, to stand out in this crowed book market. We all have to market, right? So how do we do that best?

Build an author platform

That sounds so easy, so innocuous, and often touted. Everyone a few years back were singing about building an author platform, a brand, something that readers could hang onto where you were concerned. Well, nothing’s changed really. For those who are just getting really into the market, they need to have a platform, or a brand even more than ever before.

The market is crowded. Very crowded.

So, here is the best ways to build your platform and stand out.

  • Get a blog.
  • I know that this is not very popular with a lot of people. But even today a blog can help you develop a readership. Just be sure to focus on your particular niche.

  • Join the big social media sites.
  • Notice I didn’t just say any social media site. You need to be a member of good standing at Facebook, Twitter, and Googleplus. And be active, build relationships.

  • Get a podcast, or have a Youtube channel.
  • And this one usually is met with the most groans. The truth is, iTunes and Youtube have millions of subscribers who follow good content voraciously. You should be one of those.

    And finally, remember this doesn’t have to happen all at once. You can work on building a brand, building an email list, picking a niche you are passionate about, creating books that are popular, get into KDP select, and all these things at your leisure. Just know that doing these things will help you stand out in the book market.

    If you have any questions, or comments, please leave a comment below.

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