How to stand out in the book market PART FOUR

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How to stand out has become a very popular series! I am happy that this is helping you all so much. You can find the other parts to this series here: PART ONEPART TWOPART THREE

So it has been getting more and more obvious that writers are having a problem making themselves heard in this very noisy book industry, or well, making themselves stand out. How on earth can a writer STAND OUT when there are so many books for a reader to choose from?

Well, it is hard, folks, not going to lie. The least you can do is the old throw-spaghetti-on-the-wall trick and see if anything sticks. Not even the most hardy marketer knows what will work these days. So, I am just giving you things to think about.

So, what can you do?

That’s what part four is all about. Standing out by creating a book that fits into a popular niche.

What is a niche? For your purposes as an author, it is a specific segment of book buyers-and one that you want to target.

So how do you target a niche?

First off, pick it by choosing something you are really passionate about. For instance, go to your keeper shelf and see what you have the most of in books. If you are a fantasy-lover, you may find that you are better are writing them. If you have a lot of how-to books, you may be a non-fic writer. Sometimes we write what we write because we think it’s selling, and sometimes that isn’t a good idea.


  • Write what you love-for if you love it, somebody else does too.

  • Talk to others who love that same niche. Make connections with others who read what you are writing. Build a fanbase – based on that passion for (fill in the blank).

  • Create books that will find a home with a broad readership. If you are writing about raising miniature Gobsplots – well, you may not sell many of those. Pick a niche that has a big following. Like, well, thrillers.

  • Write shorter books. I know this seems contrary, but think about the reading market. Most people are trying to entertain themselves while contained on a bus or train or plane or stuck in line. They don’t have time to read a 400-600 page tome.



I hope this has helped you. How to stand out in the book market changes nearly daily so I don’t want anyone to think I am the end all be all.

Next time I will talk about building email lists. I feel like a lot has been said about it already, but apparently it IS important. Please leave comments, suggestions, and questions below.

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