How to stand out in book market part two

How to stand out in book market part two

Yesterday, we discussed the start of this new series on how to market your book when the book market is so full already of really great work. You can see part one here – it’s all about doing something daily to make yourself known to the wide world. My favorite part of that whole post was the WRITE MORE BOOKS part. You are a writer so go write. Be who you are o writer. I think I said that before in a podcast. You can find that here.

Today, in part two, I will go over the ONE thing that you really can control and how that one thing will net you MORE sales, and better visability. More sales and more visability is vital to your success as an author in the big world of books right now. Great covers are a norm, great editing is a given, but when everyone else is doing that, what can YOU do to stand head and shoulders above them?


and … ditch the rest. Yes, you heard me. If you are not having much success in the way of blogging, quit. If you failed miserably at podcasting, stop. If your YouTube videos look like a five-year-old produced them…take them down.

  • Invest in those things that work. If writing more books is what you think works for your business model, then find ways to enlarge on that. Try going wide with more distribution outlets. Give audio books a try for your work. Find new audiences these ways rather than spending precious writing time trying to do otherwise.
  • Always continuously grow your business. Yes, this is a way to focus on things that are doing well because if you are growing your business by really digging in and doing what is working, you will succeed.
  • And when I say ditch things that are not working, don’t be afraid to take down books that are not selling. (only self-published authors have control over this, although small publishers may not disagree if sales are abysmal) – if the book is getting bad reviews, or no reviews, take it down and rework it. It’s okay to do this.

    Well, that’s it for this post. Next time, I will talk about using a popular platform that will ensure book sales.

    Please feel free to leave comments below on your questions, observations, etc. – you never know when your question and someone’s answer might be the help someone else needs. GO TO PART THREE HERE

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