How to add to your book collection

How to add to your book collection
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Ever looked back at the month behind you and realize that you are way behind in doing things that you normally would do? Me, too. But, I mean, I feel like I have been on the moon because I haven’t posted in here in over a month. You guys must feel slighted.

Well, before I get into the how to add to your book collection stuff, let me catch you up. Because you know you love hearing about my life and what all I have been doing. But be forewarned, it will cause you to go shopping.

Since the last time I posted a blog post:

My daughter came to visit

My son and daughter-in-law had a baby

Got involved with a local YouTube group and began focusing on video instead of blogs. (might even begin calling it a VLOG)

Spent a month away from home (well, three weeks) and had to catch up my housework

I began binge-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

I know that interests you soooo much (not) but it really is why I haven’t been blogging. And I have even gotten some writing-related tasks accomplished, believe it or not! You will have to sign up for the ZANIES newsletter to find out what exactly I have been doing. I am sending out a newsletter likely later today. Here is a form if you haven’t done that yet.

How to add to your book collection

So. Back to the book thing. Do you have a book collection that you really love and want to make bigger? Well, I found a great vendor at a local flea market and it was like a treasure trove. She is not only a flea market vendor, but she is a massive reader and book-lover. She and I hit it off right away. If you haven’t checked out the books at a flea market, you should! I filled in the lapses in my collections by buying them used *in great condition*!

You should make a list of the books you are missing in your collections, like maybe you follow Sue Grafton’s Alphabet Series, and you are missing C, D, E. You can potentially find ALL THREE at a vendor.

Another way you can do this is to look online for used bookstores in your area. There are several around me that I am hungry to check out, but really have all I can read at the moment.

Also, if you have read all you want, and do not want to collect your books, consider taking them to a bookseller who buys trades and sells. You can actually get books for free for trading in some.

If you are interested in buying some paper goods (framed prints, save the dates, etc,) of another sort, might I ask you to check out this site? I am an affiliate and if you buy anything I will make a few bucks. I actually am STILL unemployed so please give a writer a hand.

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