How the Zodiac Killer affects writers

How the Zodiac Killer affects writers

Why have so many books have been written about the Zodiac Killer?

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This week, The Zodiac Killer made it back into a trending subject. Heaven knows what the number of times is that this dang story has surfaced and resurfaced, but this time, the killer seems to have been identified. We will see, I guess.

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This is a topic for discussion today, however, because this crazy person, who went on a killing spree back in the 1960s, has been the subject of more books that I can tell you. A LOT LOT LOT of non-fiction has been written about it all.

The Zodiac Killer

I went out and did a little (and I mean LITTLE) search on the subject of the ZK and found that there is a cool 13 book series (Fiction) out there with the same title. Maybe my next read! Here is a link to the first one if you are interested. It is an affiliate link, so there’s that, if you buy it I will have money flow to me in the form of pennies from Amazon.

Anyway, the ZK is-and continues to be-a popular subject for writers the world over. I guess if he(* they think it is a HE) or she is ever caught, they will never stop talking about the highly publicized story. Can you even imagine the COURTCASE that would result? Bigger than OJ and his debacle.

And of course, books and movies will rise to the top of the heap also. Even more so than now. If you have memories of this long-running case, feel free to leave a comment below and let’s discuss. It’s interesting for sure, if not compelling, and horrific.

Good thing I am not a suspense or thriller writer.

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