How about them sales?

Can you say rollercoaster ride? After such a great month last month, I had no idea what to expect during the month of May. I was pretty sure that my jump in sales was due to the release of the first book in the Mt. Moriah Series and the release of three audiobooks. Without another new release in May to bolster sales, I had a feeling they would slow down. And I was right.

Since I first starting this new venture in January, I have tried to set a standard for myself of writing and publishing a new book every three months. No easy task, let me tell you! I succeeded in getting a book out in April, then I will put out a new one in July and again in October, but after that, I might have to slow down due to burnout. According to the pattern, I should have Book 4 out by mid-January. We’ll see how that goes. If the holidays don’t get me, I may be able to pull that off. If not, well, book 4 may be out in February. Love month šŸ™‚


The downside to taking an extra month is that during that in-between time with no new release, my sales definitely seem to drop off. Heck, if I don’t boost posts, or run ads, they drop off! I did run a free book spectacular also, which netted a lot of downloads.

Iā€™m super excited about that fact. If you have downloaded one of my books, be sure to read it!

About rapid release: Seems like people who release a lot of books in a short amount of time have a burst of sales. But is it sustainable? We’ll see as I go forward with this series. I am going to try y’all!

Update on my writing:

Book 2: The Inn on Main Street (yay, we have a title!) is currently in edits. I NEED BETA READERS! Please let me know if you are a beta reader, or if you know of anyone with openings in their list!

I hope to have a release date of July 15. In the meantime, I hope my sales stay the same as they were last month and then get a boost when the new book drops. More exciting news about the new book and the cover release soon!

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Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.

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